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Mild Fragrant Cream Shave - 170g
This depilatory with skin-conditioning oils for soft, smooth, bump-free skin is formulated exclusively for black men and has a fresh clean fragrance.
A milder, no-mix fragrant razorless beard remover formulated to help prevent and eliminate razor bumps in Black men who are first time cream depilatory users or with light beards. Magic Mild contains special oils to help condition and moisturize skin for close, smooth bump-free beard removal.

How to use
You must conduct a sensitivity test prior to using this product. Apply cream to a quarter-size area of the beard. Wait 7-9 minutes. Remove. Do not scrape. Rinse area thoroughly. Wait 24 hours; if there are no signs of irritation or redness, follow directions below.

Do not wash face before using. Apply cream to beard area and allow cream to remain on beard for 7-9 minutes. If cream dries, remoisten by patting with wet finger tips. Gently remove with edge of a spatula; do not scrape cream from beard area. Rinse face thoroughly. Do not wash with soap. If any beard remains, wait 24 hours before next Magic Shave Product application.

Water Aqua , Cetearyl Alcohol , Thioglycolic Acid , Calcium Hydroxide , Mineral Oil Paraffinum Liquidum , Ceteareth-20 , Cocoa Seed Butter Theobroma Cacao , Lithium Hydroxide , PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil , Sodium Metasilicate , Fragrance Parfum , Shea Butter Fruit Butyrospermum Parkii , Pentasodium Pentetate , Polyquaternium-39 , Dimethicone , PEG , PEG-8 Stearate , Glyceryl Stearate

Do not use this product with a razor.
Contains Thioglycolate. Follow directions carefully. This product may cause skin irritation. If skin is inflamed or has skin abrasions, facial sores or pustules, consult a dermatologist before using this product.

Wait 36 hours after using a razor (electric or wet) or shaving powder. Do not use after perspiring. Do not was face before use. Do not use after prolonged sun exposure. Do not use with any after-shave product containing alcohol. Timing is critical to avoid excessive irritation.

For external use only. If cream gets into eyes, rinse repeatedly with water. Keep container tightly sealed.
Keep away from children.replica watches

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